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About us - Polyklear Fiberglass & Resin


Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin has been the leading brand for high quality imported raw materials for composite products. We have gained market leadership in the industry through endless innovation and through constant upgrade of our already versatile product line.

about polyklear fiberglass and resin


36 years and still in counting, Polyklear Fiberglass and Resin has been the number one choice of top export companies for home decors, furniture, stone casting, and fashion accessories. Our long-standing history is one of the testaments to the quality of the composite products that we provide to the different industries such manufacturing, logistics and construction.

Even some of the biggest marine and land transportation companies are part of our valued and satisfied customers, where our products are being applied in, luxury boats, big fishing vessels or small fishing boats. Polyklear also has a strong following of creative DIY hobbyists and handymen of all sorts.

Polyklear fiberglass + Resin raw materials ranges from fiberglass, various reinforcements, different resin grades from polyester to epoxy to vinyl ester, catalysts and hardeners, fillers and additives, colorants, tools and accessories plus a whole lot more.

In this day and age where composite materials (matrix between resin and reinforcements) are progressively replacing conventional supplies in the advanced technological fields and even in the ordinary applications such as furniture and boat making. This is even more evident for industries that are critical of operational costs but require a high strength to weight ratio. With environmental policies in place and with a growing following of environment conscious users, composite materials have grown so much. This is the very reason why we at Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin came up with innovative products that helps cater to the ever-growing need for composite raw materials needed for different industries and for the next generation.

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Our Other Brands

SEA Olympus Marketing, Inc. is one of the leading distributer and supplier of high-quality raw materials in the Philippines.

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