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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Planning ahead for an upcoming birthday or wedding or something you would like to invite some of your friends and make it an unforgettable event of your life? Make it more meaningful with the giveaways or freebies that you want to hand out for those who had come to your event as a sign of appreciation. Or still having hard time thinking of that best gift for your best friend’s birthday or wedding, or an anniversary that you want to be special?

Worry no more as we have an alternative but very brilliant and unique idea that could really make the celebration more special. Craft your very own personalized gifts! Nothing makes it more special than something that has been molded by your very own hands!

Want to make a flashy giveaway? Cast your very own gift items.

No need to bring over lots of items. You can craft your own with something that you can just find at home!

From unused cups, and small bottles, to empty Tic Tac packs, you will be able to produce unique presents that will surely love it and it’s cheap to make! Or make your very own Molds! Use your favorite figurines or something that you want to take shape of your resin-made gifts!

With Premix Clear Resin, everything is possible! Resins are in a viscous state which will harden after cure. And since it is clear (thus, the name Clear Cast), you can design it by putting anything you want and waiting until it cures, and with a little sanding, a perfect and unique gift is ready for wrapping!!!

Mold your very own Mold!

Mold your own mold by just simple items needed and reproduce your items or figurines to the number you desire. Making your mold is recommended for making several giveaways as your result item will have the same mold.

  • 1kg Silicon Rubber (for flexible molds, usually for items with intricate designs)

  • 40 grams Silicon catalyst (viscosity reducer for silicone rubber, mixing ratio: 2-4%)

  • Mold release agent wax (to keep your mold from sticking to the model item)

Just follow this simple tutorial for making your very own mold. Great for making simple and small gift items, can be used for pendants, bangles, and many more!

- Mold Making & Casting Tutorial: 73-20 Figurine Mold

The DIY of Memories

Isn’t it a wonderful gift or a giveaway perhaps that you can give to those who attended your event? Instead of a regular glass bottle, which there’s a tendency of breaking if it is dropped, make your very own Resin Gifts and Giveaways!

Design your very own pendant with something that you might not be using anymore at home or just buy some beads or buttons and a little sand! What you will mainly need:

  • 1-litre Premix Clear Resin

  • 1 bottle of Butanox M-50 (this will harden the resin fast; ratio 1-2%)

  • Silicone Rubber (used to make the mold – see above for the tutorial)

Take them to the beach and embrace the summer breeze with the resin glass bottle with sand and seashells. It really does look like a regular glass bottle but with the durability and clearness the Premix Clear Resin. Check this out:

- How to make a Resin Bottle Pendant by Mandy Mansz

Let your mobile device and smartphones embrace with freshness as you case it with flower sealed with resin! Let the freshness last! Or experiment it anything else that you want to be used with your smartphone. Let your imaginations run!

- DIY pressed flower phone cases craft by fingur

With just Polyklear Premix Clear Resin, imagination is the limit! Craft your own memories!



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