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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


The need for renovation is quite expensive and may not always be a priority for everyone. Repairing your roof, broken pots, or kitchen tiles are just simple ways to save money and enhance creativity. Considering these things, Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin came upon this second Facebook live training to discuss DIY common household repairs.

You can tell if there is something wrong with your roof when it rains. Any roofing problems cannot be ignored or they simply grow from bad to worse. Before repairing we need to make sure that the substrate or the area that needs to be fixed should be free from dirt, rust, grease, and oil. Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin has a variety of products for your repair needs. On roof repair, Polyklear R99-S203- Premix Thixotroped (PMT) and Chopped Strand Mat is what we recommend. PMT is a polyester resin that has an anti-sag agent applicable for vertical or inclined surfaces, and the Chopped Stand Mat serves as reinforcement to fill up the holes and strengthen the surface. Next is the use of sandpapers, it would be a great help to remove a layer of material such as old paint for better surface adhesion. You can watch the video of how it is done HERE.

House planting is on trend again! Check out your old pots that need repair for your lovely plants. Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin has the right materials for this kind of repairs. The resin, hardener, and fillers are the items that we need. Through these materials, we make a putt-like composition. The Resin mixed with the hardener Butanox M-50 will be the major component while the fillers or extenders as auxiliary and mainly to increase the volume. Before applying the putty make sure that the area of the pots has been thoroughly cleaned. You can always add colors to beautify your handicraft with our toners. You can watch the video of how it is done HERE.

Chip off on the tiles flooring is quite disturbing. It affects the occupants’ safety as it can endanger the people walking around the house. We can resolve that with Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin as tile repair is also demonstrated on the Facebook live training. The Resin, Hardener, and Toner are the basic materials used. Toner is added up to make a colored resin mixture that will match the flooring. Again the area must be clean and prepped properly before pouring the mixture and once fully dry it is ready again and fully functional. You can watch the video of how it is done HERE.

All the materials taught and presented on Facebook Live training has a clear objective and that is to teach us the common household repairs. This session had been an interactive one by the comments of our viewers that are answered right away with one of our product specialists.

Miss out on our Facebook live Training for your household repair works? Click HERE to catch the saved copy as your guide for DIY repairs, and stay tuned for a more online and helpful training session with Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin.

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