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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Interior design is usually very underrated. It sounds easy but it usually takes a village to get things done. From the outsourcing of products to cost and the design to the overall appeal, this seemingly menial work easily becomes a handful. The key to interior design is to be able to first identify the areas that are functional or fully aesthetic.

Here are some key areas where you would need a fully aesthetic feature. This would be recommended by using Polyklear Foam Boards to achieve the design of your dreams without hurting your pocket.

  • Wall Partitions – decorative wall partitions are the most common applications of the Polyklear Foam Board. The material is widely used for decorating or upgrading wall panels in various commercial, residential, and office buildings since this product is easy to cut shape, and perforate. Polyklear foam board is also very paintable and provides a good adhesion base to Zetagi Polyurethane Coatings.

  • ·Artificial Ceilings – artificial or false ceilings are secondary ceilings that hang below the main ceiling. This is where coved lighting effect is evident, where the LED strip is “hidden” beneath these secondary ceilings. Polyklear foam Board being a lightweight material that is easy to work with makes it suitable for ceiling applications for any interior space as this doesn’t cause too much load for the entire structure to bear and it can easily adhere to the main ceiling surface.

  • Indoor Signage – when it comes to choosing the right material for signages or displays, Polyklear Foam Board is your best alternative. It is easy to work on, making any renovation or change in design a breeze. As mentioned, it is lightweight, easy to cut and shape, and very paintable. Did we mention that the material is also a cost-efficient choice since the labor involved in cutting, shaping and installation becomes a breeze.

Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin is the trusted brand where you can find a wide selection of products used for lamination, stone casting, and even for decorating your home interior.

Now that you know about Polyklear’s Foam Board you can now start with your interior decorating designs or any upcoming projects that need the material with so much more benefits.

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