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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Reinforcements for a concrete wall are necessary to provide extra strength to the building construction. There are a lot of reinforcement materials available in the market such as steel bars, wire fabrics, prefabricated plates, synthetic fibers, and many more all with the same purpose, and that this to make your establishments’ wall foundation last longer. Now in this reading, we will run through the different products and various know-how to reinforce concrete.

Materials used for strengthening concrete wall:

Various materials are used to reinforce concrete such as deformed bars, steel welded wire fabric, fibers, and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

1. Deformed steel bars – It is the most common type of reinforcement used in structural concrete. Reinforcing bars like deformed bars are bent in the fabricators’ shop. A specialized machine is used to bend the bars to ensure the lengths and depths are correctly produced.

2. Welded wire fabric – also known as welded wire reinforcement is a square mesh of wires used for many applications. This material is used to prevent the shrinkage of concrete cracks.

3. Fiber Reinforcement – fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete with an additional natural fiber material. The use of fibers provides increased impact resistance and can reduce cracks. The use of Fiber Reinforcements on concrete creates an overall improved concrete durability.

4. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) – this is the best alternative reinforcement to steel bars. Since the birth of fiber–reinforced polymer composites, the material shows remarkable properties and thus versatility in different applications and usage for decades and still continues to evolve. Other than durability, fiber-reinforced polymer composites do not rust which is why it is used in applications such as bridges and chemical plants. The fiber-reinforced polymer is also widely used because of its lower cost with very satisfactory quality. In Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin, our Fiber net is the most commonly used fiberglass reinforced for concrete applications. It has the ability to resist the alkali attack of cement.

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