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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Fiber Reinforced Plastic also called FRP Products are gradually becoming more common in various industries. It is composed of polymeric matrices strengthened with composite fibers. The polymeric matrix is commonly referred to as plastic or resin, epoxy or vinyl ester.

In creating FRP products there are different techniques and numerous resin products available. Each resin has its own unique properties, which you need to consider in order for you to know the right product that is suitable for your area of application. Polyklear Fiberglass+Resin will be here to guide you in choosing the best resin product for your needs.

In understanding resins, it would be inevitable not to come up with these two words Orthophthalic Resins and Isophthalic Resins. To understand resins better we will differentiate both first.

Orthophthalic is known throughout the industry as a basic resin. They are typically less expensive than other resin types, such as isophthalic polyesters, vinyl esters, and epoxies. An orthophthalic resin property is inferior with respect to strength, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance when compared with Isophthalic resins.

Isophthalic are undoubted of a higher-grade and offer substantially higher strength, better flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Polyklear R99 – S101 GP Rigid Fast Cured

A quick curing, non-accelerated, Orthophthalic resin used in general-purpose lamination and casting whereby no special characteristic is needed. This is most popular in industries for making stone casting, inlay lamination, and also in FRP products which provide good durability, rigidity, and glossy surface.

Polyklear R99 – S201-01 Resin GP Premix Marine Thixotroped (PMT)

A thixotropic, pre-accelerated, quick curing, Orthophthalic polyester resin grade for general purpose This resin has a non-sag property that is suitable for vertical application lamination such as boats and canoes, seats and tables, storage tanks, containers, water pipes, car body, bath unit, and such. FRP laminates made with this resin possess excellent mechanical strength and have good rigidity and outstanding durability. This resin is also approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for boat construction.

Polyklear R99-201-01 Resin GP Premix Marine Clear (PMC)

Pre-accelerated, quick curing, Orthophthalic polyester resin designed for sheet and in-lay lamination such as roofing sheets, skylights, greenhouse, and FRP panels. With superb clarity, transparency, and non-toxic property, this resin can also be used for food and skin contact items such as plates, trays, FRP panels, bangles, fashion accessories, and small-scale casting.

Polyklear R99-500 Resin-GP Clear Cast

Pre-accelerated, quick curing, Orthophthalic polyester resin exhibiting good transparency, low shrinkage, slow yellowing effect, light color, and high glossiness. This resin is ideal for making artificial marble, synthetic granite, clear transparent casting, solid surface, flooring, tabletops, vanity units, and the like.

Polyklear R99-402-SW Resin-GP Vinyl Ester

Vinyl Ester (V/E) is a premium resin, a different class on its own, that provides excellent corrosion resistance to a broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oxidizing chemicals, and salt solutions. It also provides very good blister protection. V/E also possesses superb mechanical strength and superior toughness with excellent fatigue resistance. This resin is mainly used for chemical storage tanks, pipes, scrubbers, ducts, corrosion-resistant flooring, food storage tanks, and marine crafts like yachts and boats.

Choosing the perfect resin will help you avoid the repairs from long-term use and the extra cost that comes along with the repair or in redoing everything all over again. If you want to learn more, visit us HERE or call us at +63919 067 2517.



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