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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Polyklear Resin + Fiberglass is the brand that is most popular in marine and fishing agriculture industries specifically for boat making, boat repair, and fish hulls. As all sorts of watercraft, boats, and any other marine structures are exposed to environmental changes and challenges such as the corrosive seawater that gives damaging effect to a sailing vessel. To address these problems, developing and providing a new material that has to be up to standard and to be of high quality.

Resins and Fiberglass are commonly referred to as fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) which are designed to overcome corrosion issues of steel, aluminum, and wood. Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin offers quality materials you will need for boat making which surely provides a much longer life for your vessel.

Different Polyklear Resins and Fiberglass Reinforcements for Boat Making and Boat Repair.

1. R99-201-01 Resin GP Premix Marine Thixotroped (PMT) – a non-sagging and quick curing polyester resin used for general purpose laminations such as boats, storage hulls, pipes et al. This resin has passed the Lloyd’s Register certification for marine vessel construction.

2. R99-S203-Premix Thixotroped –R99-S203 Premix Thixotroped is a kind of resin that also has anti-sag agents’ ideal of vertical applications. It has good mechanical properties and possesses water resistance capabilities.

3. ACM Blue Chopped Strand Mats (CSM) – Chopped Strand Mat can carry loads in any direction because the strands come in a random orientation. CSM can be used for all FRP product applications and is available in different grits and different packaging.

4. ACM Blue Woven Roving – a type of fiberglass reinforcement in which the strands are woven together vertically and horizontally so that loads and impact can be distributed and fortified in two directions. This orientation increases the strength of the entire system and provides better retention properties used for heavy reinforcement applications.

5. BI-Axial Fiber – this reinforcement has a higher fiber count which means greater strength. Mainly used for boat repairs and boat-making applications as it can contribute to a less brittle finish.

6. ACM Blue Glass EWR/CSM Combo Mat – this product is an innovation that combines the Woven Roving and Chopped Strand Mats into a single product. Mainly created to make the work and layering much easier and faster.

7. R99-403-C Resin-GP Gelcoat Clear – This resin is used as an exterior surface coating, providing a glossy, durable, UV-resistant, chemical, and weathering-resistant finish.

To learn more about our products visit the link and feel free to contact us at 0919 067 2517 for your inquiries.



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