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Here you will find how - to, tips, and updates about Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin. 


Hydroponics is the growing of plants without the use of soil. Hydroponic plants, including flowers, herbs, and vegetables, are grown in inert media and given access to water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich solutions. Stronger yields, faster growth, and higher quality are all encouraged by this system.

Because of the Philippines' rich natural resources and tropical climate, hydroponic farming is becoming more and more popular in the country. In the Philippines, there are currently more than 150 certified hydroponic farms with over 1,000 farmers working.

There are several options for materials. A few of the many factors that engineers and farmers must consider are the kind of crop they want to grow and the kind of hydroponic system they want to use. Every material will have advantages and disadvantages of its own. It can be challenging to design and produce the structures for alternative crops. To grow healthy plants in a hydroponic system, the right material selection is necessary.

Polyklear for Hydroponics
Polyklear Fiberglass and Resin for Hydroponics

Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin is an excellent option for hydroponic farming as it achieves a higher standard of quality materials. It has chemical, mechanical, and physical properties that make it even better for a lot of uses. Polyklear Fiberglass + Resin is a great choice for large-scale crop production because it is lightweight and simple to work with. When it comes to strength and stiffness, fiberglass is one of the best materials available.

Recommended Materials To Use:

Polyklear R99-201-03 Premix Marine Clear Non-Toxic (PMC) is non-thixotropic, quick-curing, clear resin and an FDA certified non-wax resin. It has good glass fiber wetting and produces a great transparency effect on the hydroponics. PMC also bears Lloyd's Register certification.

Polyklear R99-201-03 Premix Marine Clear Non-Toxic (PMC)

ACM Blue Glass Fiber E-chopped Strand Mat has a unique strength that can carry a load in any direction because the strands are in a random orientation and is recommended for general purpose applications. Chopped Strand Mat comes with a variety of thickness of 200, 225, 300, 450, and 600 depending on the user’s preferences.

ACM Blue Glass Fiber E-chopped Strand Mat

ACM Blue Glass Fiber Surfacing Mat is intended for use as a surface protector for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) products in situations where a high-quality surface finish is needed. Proper application will prevent the coating from crazing or cracking and lessen water penetration.

ACM Blue Glass Fiber Surfacing Mat

Polyklear R99-403-C Resin-GP Gelcoat Clear  is an unsaturated polyester resin for superior coating applications. Gelcoat has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance, high water resistance, and excellent UV resistance.

Polyklear R99-403-C Resin-GP Gelcoat Clear

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